By the age of 13, I had moved 20+ times and finally settled down before my ninth grade year in high school.  In the ninth grade, my Mom and I moved in with my aunt and I lived there until my sophomore year of college.  My aunt had Alzheimer's disease and my Mom was her caregiver for 16 years. (My mom ended up passing away in August 2015, after having Alzheimer's herself for 11 years).

During my college years, I supposedly "fell in love" a couple of times before I met "Mr. Right."  But God protected them AND me!  God placed me with a man that loved every ounce of me and 20+ years later, he still does to this day!  We went to the same high school and were in the same youth group and college group at church.  When we finally realized that we were perfect for each other, we only dated about 8 weeks before we were engaged!

Since that beautiful day on August 14, 1993, we have been called (as a couple) into the ministry and it has been nothing but exciting ever since.  God has taken us to New Orleans, Florida, Vermont, North Carolina.  We have been involved in ministry as a pastor/pastor's wife, Christian school administrator/teacher, mission service corps missionaries - and we have always done ministry together.  He is the Type A, organized, methodical, wise one and I am his total opposite:  creative, visionary, spontaneous one.  God has been so good to us!

After being married for ten years, we were more than ready to have children.  We tried and tried for six of those ten years and the woes of infertility were getting to be just too much.  God placed us in a city in Florida where a young lady chose us to be the parents of her unborn child!  (Check out my Bottles for BUFA page for more about that story!). Our daughter, AnnaLeigh, was born in 2003.

When AnnaLeigh was in the first grade, we began to tell a huge difference between her and her classmates. God placed us at a school where one of the parents was a psychologist and could do a lot of testing on AnnaLeigh to see what was going on.  Her diagnosis:  Aspergers (they now call it "high functioning autism").  What a relief!  After much research, going to conferences and understanding more about this syndrome, we understood our daughter more.  We had her repeat the first grade and she has flourished ever since.  

After much prayer, we decided in the spring of 2014 to take her out of the school setting and begin homeschooling her for her fifth grade year.  God has been so good to us!

I truly believe I have lived an abundant life all ready!  I rejoice in the fact that Jesus said: "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."John 10:10b NKJV.  Looking forward to what He brings next!