Susan is an ardent pro-life advocate.  She has shared with many the compelling story of her wonderful daughter and how she came to them...all because the birth mom chose life.  Their family's story is an inspiration and a reminder to all of us of the sanctity of  human that God has given, life that means something, life that has purpose and value.                                                           Lynn, High School Principal


Susan Holmes' pro life presentation was absolutely awesome. It came straight from her heart because her daughter is her heart.  Susan even lead a fundraiser to get a sonogram machine for an abortion clinic here in Fayetteville.    Susan's presentation was one of the best I've ever seen.              Pat, Retired School Teacher


I've heard Susan give her presentation on the Sanctity of Life multiple times and she does an outstanding job!! You can really tell that this is a passion of hers.                                                Rudy, Pastor


Susan Holmes is such a lovely precious gift to the body of Christ. As I heard her speak, her smile and humor drew me in. My heart was then captured as I heard her testimony and stories. The encouragement and peace of God poured through her. You will be blessed to experience the anointing of God flowing from her heart to yours.                                  Leah, Blogger & Author