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Why I March by AnnaLeigh Holmes  2-4-2019

The 2019 March for Life was the best march yet, because this time I actually cared about participating in it. The years before I was either too young to understand or I just didn’t care.  These last few months I’ve finally realized the importance of the march and my whole life story itself.  I’ve always understood the story of how Beth got pregnant with me at 15, but I never truly showed any interest until now.

 Beth was raped; at first she was confused and didn’t know what to do.  One day she walked into a Crisis Pregnancy Center asking for an abortion. The people who worked at the Center took her to a quiet room and gave her a sonogram. The kind workers showed her the monitor on which she saw me for the first time.  She gave one look toward the sonogram monitor then to the workers and said something like, “that’s alive, I can’t kill that”.

 After seeing me, Beth decided to keep me and find a nice family to adopt me. She looked and contemplated and looked and contemplated some more.  She thought anxiously about which couple to choose until she eventually chose my parents. During her pregnancy, Beth got to know them well. They went shopping and watched American Idol together. The Holmes’s and Beth had built one amazing bond.

 The date was June 21, 2003, when my parents got a call saying Beth’s water broke and she was in the hospital about to give birth to me. At 5:55 A.M. there I was, my birth-mom looking at me. Later after the birth, my soon to be mom and dad were there with me, along with my birth-mom and her family.  A couple of days later, I was adopted into the most wonderful family anyone could ever ask for. This couple was unable to have children. Through a horrible accident and violation, God created a miracle and blessed this family with the most beautiful thing he could ever give: life. The life of a new child.

 Now that I’m older and think of my story, I realize how blessed I am to have a family or how blessed I am to even have a life.  It breaks my heart to see so many babies killed each year. I march so Roe v Wade will be overturned and no more innocent lives will be taken from the world before they even get the chance to take their first breath.

 During the March For Life, I got interviewed by the news and they asked me tons of questions about the march:  Such as how I felt about pro-life and pro-choice. I told them I was very happy to be marching because I want abortion to be illegal.  I shared my story and told them abortion made me want to cry. I shared how devastating it was to see all those babies being killed, not even getting a chance to really live and see the world.

 I also shared with them my desire to be an obstetrician when I’m older so I can bring life into the world, not take it out.

During the march I was asked by many people if I could have my picture taken with my mom, holding up our signs. My mom’s read, “my daughter’s birth-mom chose adoption she is my hero”. Mine read, “my birth-mom chose adoption she is my hero”.

It blessed me so much to see that our signs were blessing so many others in such a powerful way. Our signs even made the top 28 on an on-line poll this year. I am so proud to march, to be adopted, and to have such a powerful story, where all one girl had to do was CHOOSE LIFE.